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Italian Cookingware Shopping

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Distributor that sells Italian brands of cookingware.
#Development #CMS #Interactive #Payment gateway #Shipping.

Lerbolario Hong Kong

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Distributor of Lerbolario at Hong Kong.
#Design & Development #CMS #Interactive

Italian Cuisine Bistro

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A famous restaurant owned by a well-known chef in Taipei.
#Design & Development #CMS #Interactive

Skincare Products Shopping

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Skincare products with physical stores and online shop in USA
#Development #CMS #Interactive

Museum Event


Event info and photo gallery interacted with mobile Apps.
#Deisgn #Development #Interactive

Multiple Users Game


Realtime article writing game played by multiple users online.
#Development #Socket I/O

Food Delivery System


To import deivery locations and plan the route on the map.

Project Management System


Used in a construction company to evaluate a project's progress by on-site batch photos uploading to cloud.

Warranty Check Application


Used in a chemical company to record product dosage quantity and serial number to keep and track for warranty purpose.

CRM System


Used in a luxury hotel. To evaluate customers' re-visit rate by membership system and satisfaction by feedback form.
#Design #Development

Price Inquiry and Order System


Used in a trading company. To provide wholesale agents request price and place orders online and track deliery status.

Product Onsite Pickup


Used in a wholesaler. To provide customers store pickup with reservation system.

Order Importing System


Used in a shipping company. To save manual entries work by transforming orders from different sources to internal ERP system automatically.

Custom Relationship System(web & App)


System will syncronize purchase data to cloud and salesman can get real-time product information.

ERP System


Used in a clothing products company. To display latest inventory numbers by calculating imports and orders, and show performance by periods.
#Design #Development

Export System


Used in a trading company. To automatically calculate and generate inquiry data by FOB/CIF/C&F terms to different locations.
#Development #I/O

Spare Parts System


Used in a semi-conductor company. To generate various kinds of reports by daily comsumption of spare parts.
#Design #Development

Delivery Inspection System


Used in factory to ensure all goods are delivered accurately with scanners.
#Development #I/O

Rice Management Portal


Helps farmers to log daily rice warehouse record.
#Development #Bigdata

Data Flow & Chart Web System


API connection with harware output data flow.
#Development #I/O #Bigdata

Collaboration System


Internal files mangement and upload/download system .

Seiko Track & Field


Used in college athletic games to collect Seiko data.

Oracle Data Anaysis


To store and analyze data for a semi-conductor company.
#Development #Data mining #Big data

Flipping Book System


Administrator uploads file at backend. Viewers can read and download the book.
#Design #Development

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