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What We Offer

Mobile App Design and Development

iOS and Android are two mostly used platforms for mobile applications. Apps can be applied in many aspects, such as shopping, photo related, GPS related, online chat, sports, healthcare, game, video, industrial, educational,...etc. Arshire team offers custom design and development services and help clients grow up.

Web Design and Development

The invent of browser dramatically changes our lives. For all kinds of web applications, we can customize them based on your requests. From offical website to introduce company or to further update content with content management system, as well as progressive web app (PWA),our skills assist your business to be visible to worldwide clients.

Custom ERP/CRM application

ERP/CRM system helps company to achieve goals effectively. All kinds of companies, regardless of their industry type, need ERP to increase efficiency and CRM to tight business relationship with customers. Arshire offers custom built applications and popular platform API conections.


eCommerce makes shopping eaiser and more convient. We build custom platform for business owner to sell their product online through payment gateways, such as PayPal and Stripe and integrate shipping carrier information, including international and local suppliers.

Cross Platform Integration

Many leading platforms have released their API (Application interface) to make their information sharable to other platforms. Mostly seen are social media APIs which can login different websites without registering each site. We offer cross-platforms solutions to those in need.

Data Visualization

Traditional data are usually displayed in rows and columns. However, recent study shows that graphic data is more understandable, especially in business model. In business model, people pay much attentipon to data grow or decline and data visualization helps them more involved with these data change. We help clients build their own business data in various visual mehtods.

UX Interface Design

UX (User Experience) is a key factor to a successful product. A badly designed interface stop user from accessing. On the contrary, a well designed interface makes the whole access process joyful and attaractive so that user will stay longer and become more involved.

Interaction with Devices

To interact with I/O devices to display multi-media content or create games for fun, as well as utlize augmented realty techonology to create interacitve behaviors is more and more seen in modern exhibitions and fairs. We help clients build the I/O device output reactions.

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We Assure

no outsource


We develop codes by our senior experienced developers and we never outsource any project out. Clients trust us with high project content and user data confidentiality.


Delivery in Time

We never miss project deadlines as we are aware of tight timeframe request of each project. We do our best to meet the business needs.


Leading Methodology

We use latest version and mostly used programming language. We deploy system in market leading hosting platform or clouds.

Our Advantages

arshire advantage

Focus on User Experience

Every system requires human's manual operations. We care about user behavior and make sure they have good and positive reaction when using the product.

arshire advantage

Rich Industry Experience

Arshire team has over two decades of industry experience. We are familar with the process industry might need. We not only listen to clients' needs but also offer feedback and suggestions to their project inquiries.

arshire advantage

Value Balanace and Performance

We plan different strategies to different projects. The team will decide development criterias according to project functions and scale to make sure the project is executed at best performance and balanced output.

arshire advantage

Pay Attention to Details

We care out device interaction with mobile users. Developers will minimize resource consumption of mobile devices to make sure the application or website run in best condition.

arshire advantage


With information transmitted all over the world, global solutions are mandatory to international companies. Arshire team has rich experience of global projects, such as e-commerce and data transmission through various gateways.

arshire advantage

Easy-to-Use Backend CMS

A well-developed system must include a well-designed content management system for adminsitrators to operate without any difficulties. The content managment system customized by Arshire has friendly interface which attributes to users' easy maintenance.

Design Guideline

designs style Material Design
designs style Minimalism
designs style Usability

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I need a new website but keep my current data live.
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I have high website bounce rate.
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