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About Arshire


Based in Taipei, Taiwan, Arshire was founded in year 2004. Key members are from well-known research development institutes and design company with over decade years of expereience. We not only offer custom mobile apps, web site and desktop applications, but also develop commercial products available on the market.


We provide native and hybrid mobile APPs of iOS and Android which offer clients a variety of choices of their APPs. Our focus on design and development are balanced so clients can fully trust us with their projects. We apply most recent and world-wide development tools and visual trends to our projects.


In addition to technical skills, we possess visual graphic arts ability to complete custom projects to impress clients and their users. Many leading USA and Taiwan companies also trust and outsource their projects to us. We also help build stretegies to engage in brand awareness and engagement in digital media seamlessly.

User Experience

We emphasize on good user experience design. Creating user-centred and friendly interfaces and systems that combine aesthetic matters with good user experience is our principle. Senior and well-trained UX designers makes system effective and easy to operate and enjoyable to use.


Arshire is a culture driven corporation. We believe that good company culture and core values drive and lead us to move forward towards achivements. Credibitlity, authenticity and transparency are what we are keeping in mind and what we are proud of. There values keep the team tightly connected and company grow.


We integrate top technologies and best practices to create remarkable experiences. We create customer centric business solutions. We encourage team to dive in innovation and diversity to take more future challenges. We aim to inspire world's awareness of sustainability and awake people's perspectives through technology and digital force.

Design Team

APP design

Designers with creativity and UX skills fulfill your art design needs.

Development Team

APP development

Experienced and reliable developers build a stable app/website for you

   Key Member

Senior frontend designer

Over a decade experience of UX design. She has a good command of concentrating complicated flow into a simple one. She insists offering users a clean and easy-to-use friendly interface. She is enthusiastic at new trend of UX, enjoys studying human behaviors and loves brainstorming with UI designers.

Senior developer

Over two decades experience of software engineering. He is good at web and mobile application development. He also has much experience of data visualization and data science analysis. In additon to daily heavy development work, he is active in technology forum to answer coding questions. He has accomplished over two hundred projects so far.


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